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Trust the Test Experts

Software is complex. Testing software is equally complex. In today’s environment of rapid change and accelerated development demands, multi-dimensional testing of systems and software is critical to business success. Business failures due to software defects are well documented. The single most concern for product managers today is whether the product is well tested and defect free? Business success depends on it.

Atlantis brings expert testing knowledge and innovative techniques to drive quality assurance projects and software testing initiatives to success. Whether you need to augment your QA staff, or you are on look out for specialized tool smiths or willing to outsource complete projects to seasoned test strategists, Atlantis is the right partner.

Global delivery mechanisms and abundant specialized resources are key advantages that bring down the cost of testing, eliminate the headaches of specialized resources and assure process agility in all testing projects. Our on-the-ground experience and top line test strategy expertise is an unbeatable combination that provides you significant quality benefits.

Atlantis Testing Competencies

Atlantis Solutions provides a complete turn-key testing service, combining a high level of technical expertise and reliability. Our testing services fine-tune the hardware, software, and design components that make up your product, yielding greatly improved performance in a cost effective manner. Atlantis adheres to stringent testing standards put in place by personnel with experience at CMMI, Agile and Six sigma standards working various clients and projects.

Atlantis leverages its test teams to ensure performance and functionality across specified operating systems, platforms, middleware, and browsers, as well as interoperability and compatibility testing.

Atlantis’s comprehensive testing and QA services are specially designed for enterprise ISVs, OEMs, and hi-tech product companies. Using experienced test engineers, proven testing processes, and state-of-the-art tools, Atlantis offers exceptional value in manual and automated software testing.

  • System integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • Test automation
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Web services testing
  • Full regression
  • Quick Regression

Test Labs – mirroring the real world

Atlantis’s test labs are designed for rapid project scalability, offering you greater flexibility in meeting your specific time, cost and development requirements. Our stringent testing processes assume little about the conditions under which your software will be run, verifying your product’s ability to function in real world conditions.

State of the art infrastructure

Our test regime accounts for the fact that in the real world, hardware, networks and other software programs complicate the scenario and can challenge your product. Atlantis's extensive test laboratory allows us to duplicate even the most complex of networking, hardware and software environments, ensuring your product is put through the most real world usage simulations as possible.

Test Processes

Our testing processes are extremely stringent and provide the means to create software that is stable and robust under even the most stressful conditions. We use our skills in systems level software testing to provide concrete testing strategies for all types and levels of software.

Offshore testing and Global delivery advantages

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  • Expert resources and combination of resources
  • Reasonable billing rates - two at the cost of one
  • Advantages of multiple resources for single project
  • Nightly tests - time zone advantage
  • Combination of programming and testing experts
  • Technical documentation resources for free
  • Accelerated delivery