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BM Inventory – The right way

BM Cloud ERP enables stores, warehouses and distribution centers to access the same database. You can access online inventory information of all locations anytime from anywhere – from an Internet Café or your wireless device. One database – Since your enterprise uses and accesses the same database, inventory management and transfers are a dream. Stores can put aside inventory of other stores or request inventory transfers to be initiated. All this done using one powerful, complete and affordable solution.

Key Features

  • Configure Product
  • Multiple Pricing
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Centralized Purchasing
  • Automated Replenishment
  • Cost Tracking
  • Multi-Site Inventory Monitoring
  • Partial Shipments
  • Inventory Categories
  • Unit of Measure conversions
  • Package Types
  • Economic Order Quantity
  • Stock Movement
  • Export to Excel
  • Product Kitting
  • Serial Number: UPC, Barcode and etc